About UMS

About the University Of Metaphysical Sciences
University of Metaphysical Sciences was founded by Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D. The University of Metaphysical Sciences is a program of the Wisdom of the Heart Church, a non-profit 501(c)3 organizations committed to the education of the public about common metaphysical subjects and concepts. The University of Metaphysical Sciences is the program through which Universal Church of Metaphysics ministers and reverends are educated before ordination. Upon graduation from the Masters portion of the curriculum, students are ordained through the Wisdom of the Heart Church to conduct the activities of a minister or reverend.
University Of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS) is a distance learning school delivering courses through the postal mail or through internet downloads. Internet downloads consist of PDF files for the written portions of the curriculum and MP3s for the audio portions of the program. The audio portion consists of approximately 65-70 meditations that help the student attain direct experience with the concepts being taught in the courses.
Students can take exams online through the University of Metaphysical Sciences automated system where students have their own download page and their own transcript area. Students answer questions pertaining to the written material, and they also report on their experiences with the meditations for credit.
University of Metaphysical Sciences blends the right amount of academic research with creative experience in all of its courses. University Of Metaphysical Sciences students have reported amazing experiences and you can read about them at the Testimonials Page at the UMS website.
University of Metaphysical Sciences holds annual summer retreats, and the founder Christine Breese, Ph.D. facilitates workshops and meetings throughout the year. In 2007 the annual summer retreat was at Mount Madonna Center. In 2008 it was held at the Harbin Hot Springs Conference Center. If you would like to know more about the retreats, visit the UMS Retreats Page. Christine Breese also regularly passes through San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can also find free video satsangs from Christine Breese at http://www.youtube.com/MetaphysicalSciences and if you would like transcripts of the videos, visit http://www.christinebreesevideotranscripts.com.