16 05, 2014

What is Abundance Really? And How Do You Get Abundance?

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A lot of people think they know what abundance is: having a lot of money, material possessions, fame, or some sort of power. However, I am not sure that is what abundance is. I have had a little of each of those things, but I can’t say I felt abundant in those moments. In fact, those were stress inducers and some situations were actually nightmaric! So then, what is abundance…really? I have come to believe that abundance is actually in your heart, in the richness of life, in the love you are able to share with others. My idea of an abundant life is one that has lots of laughter in it, excitement, adventure, and amazing people who intrigue me and keep me entertained. What is exceptionally abundant to me is those moments when I witness someone “awakening” and lighting up in consciousness to true awareness of who they really are. When they become able to now live in the now moment as divine being rather than just another struggling human, that is the most precious thing to me. Abundance is not money. Money can create a lot of headaches for you. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have enough money to take care of ourselves and be comfortable, but masses of wealth is not abundance. In fact, hoarding wealth is a statement about how much you believe in scarcity, saving it for a rainy day when you think the universe will stop flowing and sending you what you need. It’s also a burden, for then you don’t know who just likes you because you have money, or wants some of your money, or hopes to sell you something to get your money. Someone might even marry you for your money with the full intention of divorcing you! There are lots of ways having masses of wealth can become a nightmare. Abundance is not a lot of material possessions either, which you will have to insure, worry about theft or damage, and so on. Neither is fame or power a form of abundance. Just look at all the craziness that goes with that! […]

12 11, 2013

We Are The Angels: Angels In The Flesh

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We are the angels we have been looking for. We are the source of love on this planet. We are the helpers of others who are here. We are the ones who answer each other’s prayers, really. The angels aren’t outside of ourselves. We are the incarnation of angels who have come here to dream the life of a human. We are not fallen angels, we are not punished angels, and we are not “messed up” angels. We came here by choice because we are interested in the human experiment, this attempt to build a vehicle that can hold God’s consciousness, which each of us are. The human form will someday hold far more consciousness than it does now. In the meantime, we can know that we are God, we are angels, and we are Oneself immersed in its imaginings. […]

14 10, 2013

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

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Think about the caterpillar morphing into the butterfly, a beautiful analogy for change in the spiritual sense. We all feel like a caterpillar at times, an ugly, undeveloped self (I personally don’t think caterpillars are ugly, I think they’re kinda cute in their pudgy way!). We all want to be the butterfly, the gorgeous finished product, flying about in grace and beauty, experiencing bliss everywhere we go. We all want to be seen as beautiful, respectable, and lovely. How do we get to that? It isn’t so easy, some would say. […]