5 Minute Meditation Challenge, No Thoughts, Can You Do It?

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5 Minute Meditation Challenge, No Thoughts, Can You Do It? Christine Breese

Learn how to meditate and get the benefits of meditation. A meditation technique is to have no thoughts and sit in stillness and silence, but that is pretty hard to do for a beginner! Just try it, and you’ll see how difficult it is to be in a stillness, silent, mindfulness meditation. Beginners usually need a meditation tutorial or a self help or self improvement spiritual teacher to learn meditation. A spiritual teacher who does a guided meditation can give a lot of meditation tips and mediation technique. Learn to meditate and it will make your healing a success more quickly and completely.

Personal development through a guided meditation, stillness and silence is the best way to start for a beginner, before sitting in silent stillness without any guidance. Mindfulness and meditation doesn’t come overnight! People who are depressed should specifically do meditation for depression and alleviating obsessive thoughts and OCD types of behavior. Meditation for depression, meditation for OCD, and meditation for anxiety through a guided meditation are the fastest ways to achieve success in healing, self improvement and personal development. Meditating in stillness and silence with a spiritual teacher giving guidance will be a big help.

Meditation how to and meditation technique is quite prevalent and available everywhere. Success with mindfulness meditation for beginners is not difficult, especially when practiced with a spiritual teacher who gives good meditation tips and meditation technique, perhaps even a meditation tutorial specifically for their students.

Meditating will give you the self improvement and personal development you are looking for in life, and assist you in attaining success. The benefits of meditation far outweigh the effort it takes to learn how to meditate for a beginner. When you learn meditation you give yourself the self help needed, and self help is the most important help you can get. When you learn to meditate you are tapping into the wisdom and power within yourself, especially when dealing with depression, anxiety or OCD. Learn to meditate and your life will change for the better. Meditation for beginners is the place to start. Use a guided meditation and after the mindfulness meditation ends, sit still for 5 minutes and challenge yourself to practice no thoughts for those 5 minutes. Eventually you will be able to sit with no thoughts for much longer than that.

The meditation technique that helps you find the spiritual teacher within is the truest of all spiritual teachings. Still the mind and sit quiet, long enough to find spiritual teacher within and you will have success with the self improvement and personal development you are looking for. a Meditating with quiet still mind in meditation to retrieve spiritual teaching from the spiritual teacher within

All spiritual teachings of the spiritual teacher are within you, but a quiet still mind in mindfulness meditation is necessary to retrieve the spiritual teachings from spiritual teacher within. Few can quiet mind and sit still, meditating to tap spiritual teachings from within meditation.

Meditating requires discipline, but you can be your own spiritual teacher if you start with meditation for beginners and go from there. Learn to meditate, and once you learn how to meditate you will be free and have success in whatever it is you want to do in life. — Christine Breese