About | Christine Breese

Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community and Retreat Center, and has studied a variety of world philosophies. She is the author of Reclaiming The Shadow Self, director of the TV series Spirit Talk and she facilitates meditation retreats and workshops. She has a Doctor Of Divinity Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling. Dr. Breese has overseen the development of a wide and diverse curriculum. However, at the core of all the courses is the encouragement for seekers and students to be in the moment, ever aware of the self as eternal consciousness that continues to have experiences even after the world of form has been left behind.

Breese has developed her own unique style of teaching which focuses on intensive guided meditation in order to facilitate direct and profound experiences of expanded states of consciousness. These direct experiences provide the opportunity to realize the truth of the Self. In her presentations, Breese helps people through discussion and meditation to explore awareness and how consciousness itself works. Dr. Breese also offers a question and answer portion of the meeting so that people can ask specifics about this process. She also helps people find practical ways to work into daily life what they find in meditation with discussions ranging from Living From The Heart, Surrendering to Service, Manifesting Skills, to What Enlightenment Is And What It Is Not. She also teaches classes on Lucid Dreaming, Aura Viewing, and Past Life Regression.

Currently Dr. Breese is facilitating monthly retreats at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador.