Christine Breese Free Meditation & Video Transcripts

Christine Breese

Christine Breese in the garden at Gaia Sagrada!

Here you will find the transcripts of all the FREE meditations and Youtube videos that Christine Breese offers on Youtube and this website. Some people who are hard of hearing or speak a different language other than English like to have these transcripts so they can guide themselves on the journeys and know what the words are, or translate these meditations and videos into their own languages. Christine offers these transcripts so no one is left not knowing what the meditations and videos say.

Feel free to download these transcripts and share them with your friends on your social sites or your website. If you would like to translate them into your own language and use them, you are welcome to do so, just share it with us so we can use it too. All we ask is that you give credit to this website and Christine Breese. Enjoy!

Christine Breese Pink Flower Satsangs

Christine Breese Free Youtube Meditations