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Christine Breese

Christine Breese

Here you will find FREE spiritual development courses from Christine Breese and University of Metaphysical Sciences¬†and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, each of which sponsors these free offerings by Christine Breese. Christine cares about people who don’t have a lot of money since she spent most of her beginnings in spiritual growth without money, and never had the resources to get the help she needed when she was beginning her spiritual path. Therefore, she has made an effort to make it possible for people without adequate resources to get as much help as possible if they are interested in what she offers.

Sure, Christine has to sell some things on her store, like longer versions of the meditations and more courses, we all have to make a living, but here and other places on this website you will find a wealth of free offerings that will help you along your path in a big way.

Christine Breese offers

Christine Breese wants to make it possible for everyone no matter what. Feel free to share all the things she puts for free on the internet. Share these free offerings on your website, share with your friends on your social pages, whatever you like. All she asks is that you give proper credit and a link to her page where you downloaded the free offerings!

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Christine Breese Free Spiritual Development and Healing Courses

Healing Your Body – Meditations, Videos and Worksheets for self healing methods, no matter what illness you have, and working on the root causes of illness. We all have the capacity to be miracle holders, and healing your body is within your reach.

Manifesting Your Dreams – This course gives you many methods for manifestation, beyond the Law of Attraction and beyond what you normally find in books and videos. These are advanced methods for manifestation of your dreams!

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