Christine Breese Webinars and Teleconferences

Christine Breese

Christine Breese in the garden at Gaia Sagrada!

If you would like to meet with Christine Breese, ask questions, or listen to her answers to other people’s questions LIVE, this is your chance. Christine offers retreats and intensives in various places in the world, most often in Ecuador at Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, but she travels all over the world and meets with people in person. However, not everyone can travel to meet her in person, so online in a webinar or teleconference is the next best possibility. She offers live streaming webinars on Youtube and other sources so that you can talk directly with her if you are interested in that.

Christine Breese also offers a Christine Breese Forum where you can Ask Christine a question, suggest a Youtube video topic you would like her to speak about, or simply join the community and enjoy speaking with other people of like mind who are also on a spiritual path. Christine knows how difficult it is for people to travel who have obligations in their daily lives, so she does her best to come to you online.

Free Webinars and Teleconferences – Come to this page to see past Webinars and listen to past Teleconferences, or join the upcoming free webinars and teleconferences that are coming every month. Christine is sometimes on live interviews and live summits as well. Here you will see what her schedule is.

Sign up for Paid Webinars & Teleconferences – Christine offers a monthly support webinar for a small fee (coming soon!) and here you can be part of those if you need some support or would like to have a monthly Question and Answer session with Christine Breese. She also offers Webinar Retreats for a small fee, and you can ask questions and be part of her online retreat offerings, usually happening on a weekend, or sometimes a one day intensive. Some of her webinars are free, but some are paid webinars or part of an online course she offers.