Christine Breese Spiritual Guidance Videos

Christine Breese Spiritual Guidance Videos

Here you can listen to Christine speak on a multitude of various subjects in the realms of spirituality, health, and consciousness. Her calm way of speaking is soothing to anyone who listens, and she has a subtle sense of humor as she speaks that lightens up otherwise heavy subjects. With millions of views on youtube, Christine Breese is a well known and well recognized spiritual teacher that many have found healing and comfort with.

You are worthy and here’s why!

Christine Breese speaks about your worth and value, and that it is time you really know yourself, your worth, that you are a part of Godself, and that there isn’t any way to be more worthy than that.

5 Minute Meditation Challenge, No Thoughts, Can You Do It?

Christine Breese speaks about what it is to have no thoughts in meditation, and challenges you to try it for just 5 minutes and see if you can do it!


Manifesting Simplified, BETTER Than Secret Law of Attraction, What The Bleep

Christine Breese speaks on the law of attraction and manifesting techniques. She introduces a different kind of manifesting technique that seems to work better.