Electives Courses at University of Metaphysical Sciences

Electives Courses at
University of Metaphysical Sciences

The courses listed below are electives which may be applied to both the Bachelors and the Masters. The Bachelors curriculum requires 10 electives, the Masters requires 5 electives.

GA304 Gaia, Mother Earth
CE310 Solstice, Equinox, and Moon Ceremonies
TO311 Taoist Healing Arts
CS321 Using Mindfulness to Cope with Stress
MM323 Exploring the Life and Soul of Mary Magdalene
FS303 Feng Shui
PT316 Polarity Therapy
FG322 Forgiveness
AY314 Ayurveda
QB306 Introduction to Qabalah
FA313 An Introduction to Falun Gong
LB317 Sacred Labyrinths
UR319 An Introduction to The Urantia Book
AM305 Attracting Your Mate
RT330 Rediscovering Tantra: A Path for Our Times
UF307 UFOs & Extraterrestrial Intelligence
HH328 House Healing for Ghost Hunters
AR312 Altars & Rituals
EA302 Emotional/Expressive Art
HP320 Hope
DO309 Dolphin Healing
RB326 Rebirthing
SI313 Sexual Identity and Spirituality
SR325 Soulmate Relationships
MC324 Mayan Calendar
CW301 Creative Writing in the Metaphysical Field
EC308 Ear Candling
BR318 Breatharianism: Fed by Light