Manifesting Simplified, BETTER Than Secret Law of Attraction, What The Bleep

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Manifesting Simplified, BETTER Than Secret Law of Attraction, What The Bleep

Movies like The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know About teach manifesting techniques for how to create your reality. Manifesting techniques often teach the Law of Attraction, cause and effect parameters to create your reality and manifest abundance, money, love… but there is another way to manifest that is closer to your divine nature… What The Bleep Do We Know is an excellent introduction into metaphysical concepts. So is The Secret: Law of Attraction. However, there is a simplified way to accomplish manifesting…”

The Secret: Law of Attraction and What The Bleep Do We Know teach manifesting and the law of attraction that many believe cause you to create reality, manifest abundance, and find money and true love, but if you are not a vibrational match to those things you desire, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. It would be best to let go of the ideas around the Law of Attraction, that’s only one of the Universal Laws that are in effect, surrender your life to being in diving service instead. Then it isn’t about creating your reality anymore, and trying to use the Law of Attraction while not knowing about the many other laws in effect. The Law of Attraction is an elementary manifesting technique.

When you give your life over in divine service you bypass the Law of Attraction and something else happens entirely. When the divine flows through you, the things that arise around you are better than anything you ever could have imagined, and you fulfill your life purpose at the same time. Manifesting your reality is not so difficult anymore, and abundance, money, love, and all your dreams and desires are manifested in a different way than you thought they would.”

— Christine Breese