Masters Courses at University of Metaphysical Sciences

Masters Courses at
University of Metaphysical Sciences

Consciousness II

CS201 Children & Metaphysics
CS202 Intimate Relationships in Today’s World
CS203 Trauma & Recovery
CS204 Death & Dying
CS205 Metaphysical Technologies
CS206 The Unified Field

Health Studies II

HS201 Nutrition: Spiritual Eating and Cooking
HS202 Reiki
HS203 Exercise for Physical Well-Being
HS204 Yoga

Intuitive Skills II

IS201 Hypnosis II
IS203 Predictions
IS204 Unconditional Love
IS205 Astral Projection
IS206 Lucid Dreaming
IS207 Aura Viewing
IS208 Vibrational Healing

Career Skills

CS201 Finding Your Life Purpose
CS202 Awakening to the True Self
CS203 Leading a Meditation
CS204 Attracting Clients
CS205 Practitioner Ethics
CS206 Building a Business in the Metaphysical Field
CS207 Becoming a Spiritual Teacher & Leader
CS207 Spiritual Counseling


5 Electives 5 Credits
MP100 Masters Culminating Project