University of Metaphysical Sciences

University of Metaphysical Sciences is an online distance learning school that offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate DD and PhD degrees in metaphysical Subjects. You can study at your own pace while traveling, working or simply studying at home in your spare time. Christine Breese founded University of Metaphysical Sciences so that people who are in the fields of spiritual work can bring professionalism and credibility to their work, and for spiritual seekers looking to learn about their spirituality and discover the universe within.

For those who are advanced on the spiritual path, University of Metaphysical Sciences can fill in the empty spaces in knowledge, and those who are new to the spiritual path will find that exposure to all these subjects will show them more than they imagined is within them and give resources to deepen their experience if they want to.

The curriculum entails about 80 courses which are all downloadable online through PDF files for the written portions of the course material, and through MP3 downloads with 60-70 audio meditations that go along with some of the courses. All courses are also available through postal mail as well if someone would rather study with the physical copies of all the courses.

Many people are surprised by all that they learn in the University of Metaphysical Sciences, and it is more than they expected. Not only can they read about all things spiritual, but they can also experience through the meditations what they are reading about in the courses. Having a direct experience with what is discussed in the courses makes all the difference with learning!

If you are curious what courses we offer, go to the following links:

Bachelors Course Listing

Masters Course Listing

Electives Course Listing

The PhD or DD degree is based on your own research paper or project of your own choosing. Guidelines are given in detail for doing this.