Was Mother Teresa For Real? Christine Breese

Was Mother Teresa For Real?

Christine Breese Article

Was Mother Teresa For Real? Christine Breese

By Christine Breese, Ph.D.
Founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences
and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center

I read an article recently about some criticisms others had about Mother Teresa and her work. If you are not familiar with Mother Teresa, I suggest you look her up on the internet and find out what she did with her life. It was pretty amazing.

First off, I’m going to say that I think YES! Mother Teresa was for real. Anyone who takes nothing for themselves and goes out and helps poor people eat is ok in my book, no matter how they do it! I have always been an admirer of Mother Teresa and what she does. I don’t know much about her, actually, but what I do know about her has inspired me to try to follow her example in this world as much as possible.

Even though I’m not super financially funded to do good things like Mother Teresa was, I created a non-profit business (Wisdom of the Heart Church 501(c)3, University of Metaphysical Sciences, and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center) in order to fund myself to do some good things, small as it is in the world. It took many years to create, but now I am in a position to help others have some great experiences and inspirational moments at cost, without needing to make a profit on them having those moments of growth.

I even put the teachings online for free in videos so they can still get this help even if they don’t have money. I live a humble life. I have some clothes, a couple guitars (electric and acoustic) and some crystals and trinkets on a shelf in the house, but other than that, I don’t need much. I don’t keep much money for myself even though I could make a fortune with a crazy salary in a non profit organization, but that wouldn’t be in integrity. If I collected a lot of material things, that would not be selfless service. That would be service to self and immersion in the illusion. I don’t need a big house, fancy car, or a lot of “stuff.”

Instead, I keep the money moving into the world to create opportunities at a rock bottom price for people to grow. I have to keep the non profit organization sustainable so it can continue to help people. We live in a material world, and since no billionaire is backing me, I have to make this non profit vehicle support its costs so it can keep working in the world. However, there is no need in my heart to make a profit on any of that. As long as my living needs are taken care of, I’m happy with what I get. To be selfish would be missing the point.

Where Did Mother Teresa’s Money Come From?

Sure, I’m not attracted to the religion Mother Teresa practiced, it’s not my thing, and maybe she wasn’t perfect, after all we are human. I didn’t know her personally, so I have no idea what she was like on a personality level. I’m sure she was nice, but had to be a toughie sometimes to make sure things stayed in order and the money was used efficiently.

My point is: striving to help another person is as perfect as a flawed human being can get, in my humble opinion, especially if it’s done without taking more for oneself than what is needed to live a regular life. Nothing extravagant, just a regular, humble life. Even a helping-spirited human needs to have the basic needs covered so they can do this kind of work in the world. To me, that’s ok. Mother Teresa always kept it simple, didn’t have a bunch of material things, and yet she always had what she needed to feel secure and free enough to do her work in the world.

The critics say that Mother Teresa came by the money from sinister sources, evil rich people who were trying to ease their own conscience on how they got rich, since their corporations and businesses took advantage of the poor, even waging wars. Other critics say that those who gave her the money to do what she did in the world gave it because it was fashionable, a tax write off, whatever. This is the criticism she has received. Some felt she shouldn’t have taken this “blood” money, or even the Nobel Peace Prize and the money that comes with it, because technically they felt it was “bad” money.

Here’s what I think. If Mother Teresa wasn’t in this role to take this particular money and direct it into helping poor people eat, since that is where it was directed to go by those who gave it, who would have done it? This money was directed toward the poor, for whatever reasons, and someone had to manage that outreach into the world, work with the system as we know it, and make a difference in people’s lives. Mother Teresa may have even saved quite a few lives! If she wasn’t there, how many people might have starved to death? Really think about it.

If there are some evil doers who want to ease their conscience, have a tax write off, donate because it is fashionable, whatever, if that money is there to be directed to helping the poor, why not? Isn’t it better that someone is in the role of taking this money to help poor people eat or have a roof over their heads, maybe even medical care and an education? I think so.

I’m sure those people appreciated what she did for them. They got medical care they wouldn’t have gotten, food, education, and at least their basic needs covered so they could start thinking about the bigger things in life. After all, Jesus himself said, “It is better to teach a man to fish rather than to just give him a fish for one day.”

Mother Teresa was all about empowering people to help themselves make a better and sustainable life, not just giving them a free handout. The free handout was necessary to help them not be thinking so much about where their next meal was coming from, or dying of some curable disease or injury. She went the distance and did the next step, trying to give them the opportunities they needed to advance themselves, like learning how to read and write, even learning vocations and job skills.

That said, I don’t in any way believe that the everyone who gave money to Mother Teresa’s efforts was a bad person trying to ease their conscience. Not at all! In fact, I think the majority were and are good people. Some, yes, were rich people who weren’t doing it because of the heart intention, it might have been materially based, but even so, better than nothing, right?

I don’t think Mother Teresa was unaware of where some of this money came from, but I think she had to make peace with it and realize that it didn’t matter where it came from if she had the opportunity and intention to direct it into doing something good in this world. In some way, she “cleaned” the money that might have been gotten through dark means. She saw an opening in the system, knowing she had to work within the system to direct some of the energy from the system to fixing the harm that is being done to the poorest people on the earth.

This is something a lot of lightworkers don’t understand, that working within the system is one of the best ways to get heart based work out into the world. You have to be creative and intelligent to work within the system and turn it toward something good. Mother Teresa was a master at that! All the more power to her to make the world a better place!

Money Is Simply A Tool, Energy

You see, money is not the problem. Money is not evil. It’s how you use it as to whether it is good or bad. Money is just a tool, an energy you are given to make the world a better place. If you have a bunch of it, spirit is giving you power to do something good in the world. It’s not there to just hold onto, hoarding because you are afraid the universe isn’t going to bring you more. Money is a means to create something good in the world, if a better world is your intention. It would be nice to live in a world where people are able to eat, live safely, and have opportunities to advance themselves. If everyone has their basic needs met, we would have a much different world, one without crime, one without despair and lack of hope, and one without war or economic struggle.

On a planet as abundant as this one there is no excuse for anyone starving. I always thought that before we achieve space travel, we should learn here on our planet how to get along with one another, how to have a fair economic system, and how to respect each other’s differences and live and let live. If we want to explore the stars, we should at least be mature enough as a species not to be having wars, murder, rape and such. Come on!

Mother Teresa Made People’s Lives Better, So What If She Proselytized A Little Along The Way?

So I don’t care what Mother Teresa had to do within the system to make such a difference in so many people’s lives. She did it! That’s what counts in my opinion. So what if she proselytized a little along the way and tried to lead people to Christ. That’s no sin.

Any of us who help people will want to share our worldview with them a little in order to help empower them, particularly a path we believe in. If Mother Teresa believed in it, of course she wanted to share with others her path to peace. All of us want to share with others a path to peace if we have found any peace in ourselves and in our lives. It is important that the metaphysical, meditation and yoga crowd don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all other religions are useless and theirs is the right one above all others.

There is no one religion that is more right than another, as far as I’m concerned. Religion is more about your particular “style” and how you like to be in touch with God. If meditation and yoga do that, fine. If Christianity helps someone feel closer to God, fine. If Catholicism makes one feel closer to God, that’s fine too. Name the religion, and it is your preferred style of connecting with God or Source.

All religions are the same, in reality. Each religion talks about a higher power of some sort or another, and teach people how to be a good person, whatever being a good person might mean to that religion. Usually it’s a good direction that is taught. The Golden Rule is a classic core teaching of most religions: “Do unto others what you would have done unto yourself.” That phrase is teaching basic karma, yes? Almost all religions teach karma to some extent or another.

A Little Story of Down And Out

I remember one time when my partner and I were down and out, working two jobs and still didn’t have enough money to pay rent, eat, pay the bills, and all the costs of living in an apartment. We lost the apartment and ended up living in a car (and a tent) for a little while until we could get back on our feet. It was a great relief to be able to go to the local food bank and get a hot meal and a little food to take with us in a box, even a couple things for free from their donations, like a raincoat and a blanket.

During the meal there was a Christian music group singing songs and encouraging people to find Jesus, read the Bible, and generally have hope and faith that things would get better in their lives. I didn’t mind it at all, and in fact enjoyed the beautiful message quite a lot, even though I am now, and was then, more into meditation and yoga than traditional Christianity. I wasn’t going to be a convert that night. I grew up with Christianity but broadened my search for God to include all religions in my adult life. However, I could see how a person who was really down and out, who had abandoned spirituality, or had no spirituality at all, might be inspired by it, helped by this new direction. Feeling a sense of being forgiven for all their mistakes in life and given a second chance is a good thing for people who are down and out. This is an encouraging message to anyone who has hit bottom in life and ended up homeless and broke with no food or place to live.

I watched as some people who were really down and out listened intently to the message, whereas others ignored it somewhat and just were there for the food. Some of them were drunkards on the street who might never make the choice to come up out of the darkness they were in, and would never “get it” in this life. They were just glad to be around accepting and loving people, in a good environment, and having a meal. Even if someone never “gets it” in this life, and continues to the end to be an incorrigible drunkard, it still does help that their suffering is eased a little bit.

I could see that if I had no exposure to spirituality before a down point in my life, how that message could have saved me from losing all hope and giving up. Maybe it would lead to a different spirituality later, but that’s a good start in my opinion. Just believing there is a God and some goodness in the universe that will come if you are a good person, that’s not such a bad message, right? Accepting Christ as their savior is the first step in a lot of people’s spirituality, and then later it leads to other spiritual truths. It doesn’t matter how it starts. It just matters that it starts and a person begins to look at the bigger questions in life, spiritually.

Selfless Service

Someone gave Mother Teresa a Cadillac and she sold it for a high price because to own a car that was given to Mother Teresa was worth a lot to some rich person. She then used the money to feed people. She didn’t keep it for herself. How cool is that?

Point is, no matter what the criticisms anyone has about Mother Teresa, her religion, or where the money came from, it is petty complaining on the critic’s part compared to what she did in this world. Long ago, I learned there will always be critics of people who do good things in the world. “No good deed goes unpunished” does seem to have some truth to it. Through some rational loophole, even spiritually rational loopholes, critics try to find fault with what a good person does in the world, even simply by nitpicking at that person’s human character flaws.

It is sad when spiritual people in particular criticize other spiritual people, especially if they pick out the flaws of each other. After all, we are all on the same team and want to make a better world, so we need to support each other, even if there are some minor flaws in how someone goes about it or even their human condition.

I noticed that some of these naysayers of Mother Teresa were spiritual people who never donated anything to making the world a better place, and in fact became rich themselves and held onto the money for themselves, not sharing it with those in need. I won’t name names, of course, but that was a very blaring contradiction I saw in these criticisms of Mother Teresa, and the critics these were coming from.

If You Want To Do Something Good, Go For It!

To all those who want to do something good with large sums of money they are given, or achieve material success enough so that you can fund yourself and your efforts to change the world, go for it! You are a rare individual indeed!

Don’t worry about the naysayers who say what you do in the world might be a fraud or even stupid. Some people will try to find fault with you, even your personality, in order to hinder your work. Just admit you’re human, you are trying your best, and do what you are feeling led by spirit to do and put your work in the world. Those who support you and understand your efforts will be there, and those who don’t, well, just sigh and be patient with the human condition. It’s ok. You can’t please them all! Just be true to your intention and follow your heart, especially if you are led to do things that make life better for others in the world and don’t get greedy! You will be supported one way or another if you are truly committed to your intention to make this world a better place.


Christine Breese is the Founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. She facilitates workshops and retreats around the world and Gaia Sagrada. She also offers free teachings, courses and meditations. She is currently writing Integrity Handbook for Spiritual Teachers, Healers & Leaders and also Choose Yourself: The Power of One to Change the World

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