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You are WORTHY, Here’s WHY!
Self Worth, Esteem, Love: Christine Breese

“Many people have self worth, self esteem and self love issues and don’t believe they are worthy of love, lack self confidence, and if they are on Youtube they are looking for a motivational video that can help them. They find it difficult to overcome depression and achieve happiness and joy, let alone self confidence if they don’t engage in personal development, self help and self improvement activities. Personal development, self help and self improvement can be done to build happiness, joy, and improve on low self worth, low self esteem, lack of self love, and help the person love the self again.

Depression is usually connected to self worth, self esteem, self confidence, and self love issues. A woman or man finds self worth, self esteem, self confidence and self love through letting go of the ideas of not being worthy which leads to depression. There is no reason for it, since each of us is a unique creation. You are a part of Source, God, All That Is, and it’s impossible to not be worthy if you are a part of God!

To overcome depression, let go of self worth, low self esteem, and lack of self love issues and choose happiness despite the flaws. Choose love rather than low self esteem or lack of self love or self worth. You will have a better life. Everyone can overcome depression through personal development, self improvement and self help techniques to once again gain self confidence, happiness and joy and increase their self esteem.

Increase self esteem and leave the depressing worlds of low self esteem. Personal development, self help and self improvement that leads to self actualization can lead to happiness, joy and self confidence and starts with the effort to increase self esteem.”

— Christine Breese