There is a lot of ado about the movie The Secret. However, it has never been a secret! It has always been known. It is already built into your being. The Law of Attraction has always been in effect whether or not it has been named, just the same way gravity was operational long before it was named. There are many other un-named laws in the universe that are in effect as well, even though we may not be aware of them by title.

I am glad to see movies like The Secret in the mainstream helping the masses become aware of something that those of us who have been on a spiritual path have known for a long time. The Secret movie is THE most successful commercial enterprise that has put this message out there, beyond any self help book, ancient scripture, or any other medium through which this message has been available for millennia. It’s about time someone managed to get this out to the masses! These are mind powers that everyone has and which everyone can use. No one has a monopoly on these mind powers; they belong to everyone.

The movie, The Secret: Law of Attraction, provides a wonderful step for humankind, a chance for people to become aware of how their thoughts and emotions affect their realities. A positive thought and emotion creates more positive experiences, a negative thought and emotion creates negative experiences. If the habit of positive thoughts and emotions become your natural state no matter what is happening in this now moment, then your whole life will change. It’s pretty simple. Whatever you focus on and feel, that’s what you get. It’s not exactly rocket science. It’s a great step for humans to have awareness of. Positive thinking and positive emotions is a healthy habit to get into.

The Problem With The Secret

There is a problem with knowing about The Secret, though, and this is what the movie fails to teach about the Law of Attraction. It is not the only way to create what you want and it is not the only way to live a life of happiness and joy. In fact, the techniques in The Secret will not bring you happiness and fulfillment, even if you do fully master the ability to attain anything and everything you want and live a life of material abundance and relative contentment.

What concerns me about The Secret is that it does not teach people about compassion, the heart, and really caring about others. It teaches you how to “get more of what you want” and this can encourage egoic desire and wish fulfillment rather than true enlightenment. This is a distraction on the path to true enlightenment, but many will think that they have become enlightened if they manage to harness these mind power teachings.

What Abundance Means To Me

First, let me tell you that I don’t do visualizations or use the methods of The Secret, nor do I believe that they are necessary. However, I lead a very fulfilled and abundant life and I have everything that I need. I live exactly the life I have always wanted to live. Things come to me without effort even though I might not have even known I wanted them. I am surrounded by amazing people, I get to talk about consciousness (my favorite subject), and I get to travel to distant places assisting people in their awakening. I get to read beautiful letters from people who have epiphanies, peak spiritual experiences, and hear stories about people who tell me their lives are healed because of the courses I offer in my school, some videos I have on youtube, or from things I’ve written. I spend all my time doing what I love to do. I can’t think of a better way to spend my life. This is happiness and abundance to me, this feeling of being in service to humanity’s awakening.

My idea of abundance might be a little different than someone else’s idea of what abundance is, though. After all, even though I have the opportunity to make a ton of money at what I do, I choose not to. Instead of give myself the huge paycheck that I could give myself, I leave it in the care of The University Of Metaphysical Sciences and Universal Church of Metaphysics so that it can keep recycling out into humanity. I feel that is where the money will do the most good for humanity, rather than sitting in my bank account collecting dust (where in fact it might just turn INTO dust if we have an economic collapse).

By the very act of amassing money and assets people are harming the economy rather than keeping it flowing. I don’t have a lot of things, I don’t have a fancy car, I don’t have mansions or jets. That is not my idea of abundance. Actually, that is my idea of a nightmare! Lordy, Lordy, how difficult the tax returns on such a life would be! It looks complicated, pretentious, and absolutely inappropriate in a world full of suffering, poverty and economic slavery. To me that isn’t abundance, it is greed.

Is Amassed Wealth Really A Belief In Scarcity?

To amass wealth is a statement that you DON’T trust the universe to keep delivering what you want because you are saving it for a rainy day when you think no flow will be happening for you. How big does the financial safety net need to be before you feel safe from the day “when the universe dries up” and stops providing for you? I have found that the richest people can sometimes seem to be the least abundant because they never seem to have enough to feel safe. By hoarding money they are actually serving a belief in scarcity, not abundance. The bigger the bank account of hoarded money, the bigger the belief in scarcity. If there is true abundance, then one would be willing to let the money flow back out into the world because you know it will always keep coming back to you.

The techniques taught in The Secret are baby steps, training wheels, and this is a great place for a beginner on the spiritual path. After all, didn’t we all get started on the spiritual path because “we want more of what we want?” Let’s be honest. We weren’t feeling fulfilled and we thought that we could “get” something if we got on the spiritual path. The egoic desire at the beginning of the spiritual path is different for everyone, but very few started just because they wanted to be of service to humanity. Most people hoped the spiritual path would lead to happiness, a fulfilled life, a perfect relationship, material things…

So it’s a good beginning, this learning of the Jedi mind powers connected to the Law of Attraction, but that’s all it is—a beginning. Learning how to manipulate space and time with your mind and emotional output is not the end. This is just a siddhi, a spiritual power, a mind power, and is in fact a distraction on the spiritual path.

Then What Will Bring Happiness And Fulfillment?

Those who are truly happy and fulfilled are those who have surrendered all egoic desires, who don’t care about amassing wealth or material things. An enlightened master is happy anyway even if he or she doesn’t have the bike, necklace, house, or a perfect mate. There is no sense of success or failure connected with the amassing of “what you want” as a human. A message like The Secret teaches you to measure how masterful you are by how much you are able to “create more of what you want” instead of surrendering what it is you want to a higher force and letting the universe do with you what it will. So what other alternative is there if you are not to purposefully manipulate your reality with your mind and emotions? I would suggest offering your life to the Divine and allowing it to be used in whatever way Godself sees fit. This is how I have come to the life of abundance, love and happiness that I have always wanted. I let go of everything I ever wanted and simply said, “I surrender all my plans, my desires and my life. Do with me what you will.” This takes quite a leap of faith. To surrender your life to be used by a higher purpose and a higher force is a radical invitation, but I promise that you will be happy with how you are used by God. The things you like to do, the skills you have acquired, and the preferences you have are all taken into consideration by this Great Choreographer (which is really you). You will not be forced to be an accountant if numbers don’t make you excited. You won’t be forced to be a lawyer if you are not interested in law. Whatever your interest is, that is how you will be used. You will be used for what you are built for.

So what is it that you are built for?

You will find out when you surrender your life to be used in service to humanity. My suggestion is to forget about The Secret! Yes, it’s true. You can learn how to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, and of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a better life. I agree that it would be useful to learn how to stay in a positive state of mind, but take it no further than that. Just be positive, and see what happens. Don’t let your happiness or your peace be affected by anything outside of you, even if it isn’t what you want. There is a truer way and a deeper commitment to the Divine that is possible for you. Instead of serving human egoic desires with the techniques of The Secret, serve a higher purpose instead. By serving a higher force (God), something that you are already part of and made of, you align yourself even more with the perfect life. Let go of trying to direct your life. You are not in control anyway.

True Enlightenment

You are a piece of Godself, a miniature version of God. Let yourself be carried in the hand of God, and if you are meant to have the bike, necklace, the big house, the perfect mate, you will have these by default. If you are simply reflecting into physical reality the eternal self that you are which knows that all things are part of it, then physical reality has no choice but to re-arrange itself to reflect this back to you. After all, it is only a bio-reflection machine and mirrors you to yourself. So be abundant within yourself by being all that you are, the One Self who knows itself as eternal consciousness that never dies, cannot be harmed and is already whole. Then that reflection will be shined back at you. It is a unique reflection for every version of human that is on the Earth. Only you can know how this looks.

So what does an abundant life really look like to you? What is it that you really want? Which “self” do you really serve? Do you serve the human self or the eternal self that sees all as illusion and knows better than to serve egoic desires?

Surrender to the love that you are and bypass the spiritual distractions that the Law of Attraction teachings give you. Go straight to realizing yourself as the source, and all will be delivered to you beyond your wildest dreams. It is a heck of a lot easier than all that visualizing, affirming and strategizing, too! All you have to do is relax, be at ease, realize who you are, and do whatever shows up for you to do. Once you give yourself over to being used by the Divine, you will have lots of work to do in service to humanity. By default, you get everything you have always wanted. It just goes with the reflection!

Christine Breese is the Founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. She facilitates workshops and retreats around the world and Gaia Sagrada. She also offers free teachings, courses and meditations. She is currently writing Integrity Handbook for Spiritual Teachers, Healers & Leaders and also Choose Yourself: The Power of One to Change the World

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