Christine Breese

Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, Wisdom of the Heart 501(c)3 and Free Retreats 4 All. She is an author, speaker, meditation teacher, Youtuber, shaman and spiritual retreat facilitator who has created over 80 online courses of transformational journeys for those who are on a mystical path of awakening. Enjoy cruising her site!



Christine Breese

Christine Breese, PhD

Christine Breese is the founder of:


She is an inspirational and thought provoking spiritual teacher, speaker, author, shaman, and retreat facilitator giving retreats in the USA. She also facilitates shamanic retreats in Ecuador, South America, Mexico, Jamaica and various places in the USA. She spends part of the year in the USA and the other part in Ecuador. She is a citizen of both countries.

Many people find awakening through her Youtube videos, books and articles, as well as her courses at University of Metaphysical Sciences. She spices everything with a lovely sense of humor as well!


Read more about Christine Breese and her history here! 

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University of Metaphysical Sciences

Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in metaphysics while you study at home or while travelling.
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Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Retreat Center

Retreat center in Ecuador featuring authentic shamans from South America working with plant medicines.
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Free Retreats 4 All

Christine Breese travels to various places in the world to help financially challenged people awaken. “Leave No Soul Behind” is her motto!
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Wisdom Of The Heart 501(c)3

Wisdom of the Heart is the parent organization of these heart centered projects that are run in a non profit format. Donations are tax deductible!

Give Yourself The Gift Of Peace

Release yourself from your past. You don’t have to stay in a damaged state. You can recover from anything, and I mean ANYTHING! It takes some work, but it can be done!

Special Events

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Christine Breese Books

Read excerpts

Christine Breese Books

Here you can read about her coming books, read excerpts, and get a peek into her newest work!

christine breese youtube

Christine Breese Youtube

Watch Videos

Christine Breese Youtube Videos

Enjoy Christine Breese Youtube videos where she shares many teachings, tips and truths!

“I invite you to meet the master within you, the one who knows all the answers to your questions. This is the one who can live in a skillful, masterful and peaceful way even in a world full of chaos. This is the one who is a piece of Godself, eternal consciousness. This is who you really are.

“Awareness such as this is within your reach. I promise! It takes some work and self discipline, but it’s right here for you.

“No matter what is happening outside of you or how others are behaving, freedom is inside you. You can be free from the programming of the past. Your traumas do not have the power over you that you think they do.

“I am honored to be one of the parts of your sacred spiritual path, even if just for today. May reading or hearing the things I have to share enrich your life for the better. Let’s find this master within you together so you can live your life from the point of view of eternal self rather than a suffering human. This is possible for you, me, and everyone in this world.

“May love and light be with you always!”

~~ Christine Breese, PhD

Latest from Christine’s Blog

Christine Breese regularly writes informative and enlightening articles for those who wish to awaken to the truth of who they are: Godself dreaming, growing and experiencing itself through you. God is on a journey of self exploration. God is your consciousness and you are the expression of that consciousness. Learn more about the eternal being that you are and awaken in the dream of life!

Become A World Changer!

You can heal your life and become a world changer who makes a difference, first by changing yourself and next by inspiring others as you grow. Lead by example, (you don’t have to be perfect) and love to the fullest of your ability. All it takes is a caring heart to make a difference! My book is coming soon, Choose Yourself: The Power Of One To Change The World

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