angel in the flesh

We Are the Angels, Angel In The Flesh

We are the angels we have been looking for. Each of us is an angel in the flesh. We are the source of love on this planet. We are the helpers of others who are here. We are the ones who answer each other’s prayers, really. The angels aren’t outside of ourselves. We are the incarnation of angels who have come here to dream the life of a human.

We are not fallen angels, we are not punished angels, and we are not “messed up” angels. We came here by choice because we are interested in the human experiment, this attempt to build a vehicle that can hold God’s consciousness, which each of us are. The human form will someday hold far more consciousness than it does now. In the meantime, we can know that we are God, we are angels, and we are Oneself immersed in its imaginings.

Those of us who want to help the world, help the people awaken and change things for the better, we are starting to dream lucidly, living a lucid life. Many angels in the flesh are still asleep. Many don’t know who they really are or that they are an angel in the flesh. It doesn’t change the fact that they too are God incarnate, angels in human bodies. All that is different for some over others is that they have begun to question reality and explore consciousness itself. This is the beginning of awakening to how we are the angels.

If we are the angels, what do we do here on this Earth? First we must stop taking it all so seriously, even as challenges and unpleasant things come and go. After all, it is but a passing dream in the mind of God, and it lasts for the blink of an eye compared to the eternity we really live in.

Second we must do the work that burns in our hearts. Whatever it is, the world will be better for it if we can help others, no matter how few or how many, doesn’t matter. If you are here, you are an angel in the flesh with the ability to change reality. You are incarnate as a human, but your true identity is that you are everlasting consciousness living in the eternal now moment and no moment can harm you. You are here to do a certain thing in the world that no one else can do, and what it is only you can find out.

Get in touch with the angel inside you and live your life as an angel in the flesh would. We are all angels with a special talent or gift that will make it possible for us to make the world a better place. So what is your mission? Now that you know that we are the angels, what would the mission be if you are a particular angel in the flesh who has come here to help?

Maybe your gift is being the best possible parent, an inventor, or perhaps an artist or gardener. You don’t have to be famous and powerful to make a difference in the world. Start simply by affecting those around you for the better as an angel in in the flesh, in their midst, in disguise as a human.

You are no mere mortal. You are eternal Godself in the flesh, even more than what an angel in the flesh is. You are God in the flesh! It takes some getting used to when you realize this, but when you do, your whole life changes for the better when you realize yourself as an angel in the flesh.

We are the angels, 007 Secret Agents of Love! So let’s get to work! Even if we are flawed as humans, we can still do the work of an angel in the flesh!


christine breese

Christine Breese

By Christine Breese, Ph.D.
Founder of:
University of Metaphysical Sciences
Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center
Free Retreats 4 All

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