law of attraction

Law of Attraction

I (Christine Breese) have manifested millions through my spiritual businesses (I didn’t keep much because it keeps flowing), so I hope you’ll hear me out on my radical invitation to try another method that is far beyond the law of attraction teachings for manifesting.

I have come to believe that the abundance mindset is actually in your heart, in the richness of life, in the love you are able to share with others. As a result, you manifest abundance simply by being in a beautiful and intelligent state. Developing this state is the shortcut and simplifies manifestation greatly.

The law of attraction misses some of these key points and also doesn’t take into account that there are other laws of the universe in effect that are intertwined in the law of attraction.

My idea of an abundant life is one that has lots of laughter in it, excitement, adventure, and amazing people who intrigue me and keep me entertained. What is exceptionally abundant to me is those moments when I witness someone “awakening” and lighting up in consciousness to true awareness of who they really are. When they become able to now live in the now moment as divine being rather than just another struggling human. That is the most precious thing to me.

If you REALLY want abundance, money will come, yes, but without these things that I just mentioned, no amount of money will make you happy or feel fulfilled. IF you are happy, fulfilled, joyful, sharing love, well, money is a  natural result of achieving these states of being. So what I’m about to talk about is a roundabout way to get the money you are wishing to have, but the money itself is not the abundance. The state of being you are in is what the abundance really is. 

What Affects Abundance Mindset & Law of Attraction?

  • the law of karma
  • law of mass events
  • law of soul agenda
  • law of grace
  • law of opposites
  • law of emotional state
  • law of thought
  • law of intention
  • and many other universal laws that affect how the law of attraction works

Hoarded Wealth Is Belief In Scarcity, Not Abundance Mindset

christine breese

Abundance Mindset

Abundance is not money. Money can create a lot of headaches for you. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have enough money to take care of ourselves and be comfortable, but masses of wealth is not the  abundance mindset.

In fact, hoarding wealth is a statement about how much you believe in scarcity, saving it for a rainy day when you think the universe will stop flowing and sending you what you need. This is not the abundance mindset. It’s also a burden, for then you don’t know who just likes you because you have money, wants some of your money, or hopes to sell you something to get your money. Someone might even marry you for your money with the full intention of divorcing you! There are lots of ways having masses of wealth can become a nightmare.

The abundance mindset is not a lot of material possessions either, which you will have to insure, worry about theft or damage, and so on. Neither is fame or power a form of abundance. Just look at all the craziness that goes with that!

My question to a lot of people who are seeking the abundance mindset and trying to use the law of attraction to get what they want is to ask them to identify what abundance really means to them. You might think you want money, possessions, or fame, but maybe that’s not what you really want at all. Think about it. Maybe you want fulfillment of your true potential, peace, joy, stability, love, use of your talents and skills in the world, a family, a lover to share life with… These things are priceless and no amount of money can buy any of these. This is what your true desire is though.

So ask yourself: What is it that you really want? Don’t think of the object you want, but rather the essence of what you want. That is where your true abundance mindset is formed. This is what will have the side effects such as money, possessions, and wealth.

Mind Powers and Mind Tricks, Elementary Dear Watson!

law of attraction

Abundance Mindset

I have attained a lot of abundance on the material plane in some people’s opinion. I haven’t kept much of the wealth I have generated in my life because I put it back into making changes in the world, that’s what it’s really for, but that’s another story I will tell in another article about how money is a tool for change, power to make changes, and making the world a better place. For instance, if I had billions I would buy the rainforests, the lungs of the Earth, and preserve them.

I have founded and created University Of Metaphysical Sciences which is a successful online school with thousands of students all over the world, Wisdom Of The Heart Church which is the parent company of several spiritual businesses, and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. I have plans for making spiritually focused films and am already in production for a TV series called Spirit Talk TV. All of these things I do have generated a lot of money, which is a side effect of being in a positive state of being in your life, doing what you are meant to do.

This is the proof in the pudding that what I am about to tell you about manifesting abundance really works. So check out my abundance mindset and law of attraction tips with an open mind, ok?

Forget What You’ve Learned About Abundance Mindset & Law Of Attraction!

My first advice to you is to FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE LEARNED about manifesting abundance right now! Throw out all your new age books that teach you how to do affirmations, visualizations, and all the material that just teaches mind power stuff. Yes, those techniques work on beginner levels, but they will never produce the big results you are looking for. “Those methods are elementary, dear Watson.” ~~ Christine Breese

I don’t do any affirmations, visualizations, or strategies to make physical reality obey my every command. I use affirmations and visualizations for changing my personal programming, but not for what I want. I do not use mind powers or mind tricks to manifest an abundant reality. I use them a little for health of my body if I get sick, my mind and emotions, but that’s all I find them useful for nowadays. It might make you feel empowered if it works a little bit, but it doesn’t really serve the divine will if it simply serves  an egoic desire you have.

There are workshop leaders making millions of dollars and thousands of people go to them in droves in order to learn these mind powers, thinking that they are learning about the abundance mindset, but that is not what they are really getting. What they are being taught is not true manifesting power. They are teaching beginner level mind powers that won’t take you all the way. Only in service to the divine and working with ALL the laws of the universe will you go all the way. Realization about all the other laws in the universe, not just the law of attraction, this may look like magic, but it’s simply practical.

abundance mindset

Abundance Mindset

This is the biggest problem with the teachings about abundance mindset and the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a core spiritual concept, but now it has been turned into another way to be greedy, another way for “me to get more.” The good thing about this misuse of the law of attraction is that people who never thought about spirituality before are now getting into this exploration of consciousness because they are greedy or needy. At least they got started on the spiritual path even if they didn’t know that’s what they are doing!

Isn’t that why we all started the spiritual path? We all wanted more of something… more happiness, more love, more self worth, more money, more possessions, more something, right? It’s ok if that is what got us going on the spiritual path, but it is important to move beyond that first egoic desire that got us on the path and receive the deeper messages about the abundance mindset and the law of attraction. Now is your chance.

Surrendering To The Divine –  Manifesting Simplified

So you want to create abundance and have the abundance mindset? Here’s how. Forget the law of attraction. Surrender yourself to whatever the universe wants to do with you, whatever “God” has planned for your life, and let go of all your own desires, no matter how practical they are. You must technically let go of your own life and give it to a higher power to use. Your life is over and now it belongs to “God,” whatever that means to you. That is the most potent form of manifesting abundance and I promise it works. It has for me! Works every time! I have manifested millions of dollars out of thin air, but not once did I think about or visualize the money. Not once.

This is a radical invitation, and also a radical move on your part if you take this invitation. Not very many people are able to do this, but it is the shortest route to everything you have ever wanted. If you wanted to be rich, let that die. If you wanted to be famous and powerful, let that die. If you want a certain house, lifestyle or image, let that die. Surrender to whatever is to be done with you by a higher power, even if it means not having anything you wanted. THEN those things happen as a side effect of being in the abundance mindset, which is knowing you are God dreaming.

This is the level of trust and release of control that is required to bypass all the obstacles to manifestation of what you want.  Allow yourself to be used by spirit however it sees fit. Whatever your life will look like from now on, let that be ok with you, even if it means being not-rich, not-famous, not-powerful. Maybe you will live a really simple, humble life. Let that be acceptable, even though that will most likely not be the result. If you cannot be in that space, well, this just isn’t going to work for you and you’re going to have to manifest the hard way! 

What if you never get everything you want, (although you will) but you live a life of integrity in service to the divine? Will that be an acceptable alternative to your present egoic desires? If so, you are ready to serve as a channel for the divine energies to flow onto the Earth. Surrendering to being used for divine purposes doesn’t mean you won’t be happy or get a lot of what you want and more. In fact, it is the shortcut to getting what you want and you will be quite surprised that it will equal even more than you thought you wanted. Getting yourself out of the way is what is most important here.

Phases Of Abundance Mindset Manifestation

Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

Living in this way, as if in the hand of God and trusting that completely, is the ultimate abundance mindset. There is no higher form of the abundance mindset than that. The law of attraction teachings don’t hold a candle to this level of abundance mindset. In this state you are living as one with your true nature, eternal being, the Godself that you are, expectant, waiting, acting, and following the divine urgings as they come. There is no state more blissful and peaceful than this. The good news is that you don’t even have to be a perfect person to do this!

The first year I lived like this, not a whole lot happened. I simply stayed focused on being present in the moment and not moving into the past or future, a challenge indeed for someone like me. I didn’t plan, only followed inner divine directions, basically. I always valued my thinking powers and my strategizing mind, I have a high IQ and I’m a quadruple Gemini to boot, so to let this go was a huge leap of faith for me.

Then, after a testing period of my commitment to spirit, the divine flow started happening faster than I could even keep up with. It took off fast and gathered speed with the snowball effect. Suddenly I was in full swing with my new life direction, following on a daily basis the directions from within my heart. It was literally a new reality, one driven by divine purpose rather than egoic desires or trying to fill scarcity needs.

I thought I was divinely driven before, but it was only partly so. My divine direction was mixed in with the desires I had for myself along with it. Now it is solely coming from the divine, for I consider my human life over and now I am just here to manifest the dreams of Godself. I am not in it for anything for myself.

I could pay myself a huge amount of money because of the success of this new reality, but I don’t. I would rather keep it in service to humanity’s awakening. I plan on dying penniless, and all the money that moves through me in this lifetime is to be used for making the world a better place, however that manifests. I have a feeling that is why a lot of money moves through me, as if it has a life of it’s own, making changes in the world. I consider myself a river through which a lot of money flows, blessing those who work with me, those who are affected by what I do, and in general just being a big blessing to the world. Even as a flawed human, this is possible. Whew! Good news, huh?

Here I am today, in the full manifestation of this service to the divine. It was hard work, yes, it wasn’t easy, and lots of lessons along the way, but here it is. The dreams are fully manifested an continue to blossom. Not one affirmation or visualization or use of the law of attraction got me here. Only the abundance mindset made this happen. The abundance mindset goes far beyond thinking of yourself as a billionaire, or rich beyond your imagination. It goes all the way to the source, that the universe is mine, and I am part of the one who is imagining this universe. What better place to create from than this? There is no more powerful manifestation state of being than knowing yourself as God. 

I knew there would be something good for me because the divine doesn’t want any of us to suffer, so I knew I wouldn’t hate it. I am not suffering, even though I’m not accepting riches in the form of money. I accept riches in my heart. Those are the real riches I seek. The amazing thing is that many of the desires I had before are happening anyway because they are in alignment with who I am and the work I do. I have much more now than I thought I would have, things I didn’t even imagined. Everything is bigger than I thought it would be. Literally letting spirit create your life for you instead of directing the project yourself produces better results than you can!

How To Live In Abundant Mindset And NOT In Law of Attraction Struggles

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Abundance Mindset

So how does one end the human life and live as divine being incarnate on the Earth, doing the work of the Oneself, the Godself, instead of trying to “get more for me?” How does one live as an eternal consciousness in a physical body instead of being a human that thinks it will die someday and not reach its goals?

This takes a lot of changes in how you think, feel and act. That is why there seemed to be a year of no man’s land with this radical new way of being that I adopted. There is a testing period, and the test is being created by you yourself, of course. There is also a relearning period in order to change your thinking habits, egoic desire habits, and more. you don’t have to “fix” everything, as that is impossible. Just start with knowing you are God dreaming and make that your path above all other things.

If you can make it through that first part and not be discouraged, the rest of your life will be lived as an angelic being doing the work of Godself. You will experience things in an abundant way. Even the lessons, you are grateful for them, hard as they might be. That is because you know you are God on a journey of self discovery, and the human condition is your project, so to speak.

I am so happy to be living this way, and it is soooo much easier and fulfilling! I share this with you because you can do it too. It just takes looking at things from a different perspective, that of the eternal self rather than the struggling human perspective. It’s a big picture way of looking at things, including at yourself.

I invite you to this radical change. I think you are going to like it! It takes a massive amount of trust and surrender to something unknown, that’s the hard part, but once you do it, the ball starts rolling pretty fast! Enjoy the ride!


christine breese

Christine Breese

By Christine Breese, Ph.D.
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