pray like a co creatorSometimes people ask at my retreats, “How do I pray if it’s not the normal way we’ve been taught?”

What I ask next is, “Who are you praying to? Really?”

In this article I’m going to teach you some advanced magic! This is advanced alchemy, and once you master this, you are going to be… well, wow! A real powerhouse for world change! This isn’t really magic though, shhhhh… This is simply knowing the laws of the universe and how they work, how to use them, and how they interact with each other.

To everyone else it looks like magic, but every wizard knows that it’s just practical use of natural laws!

And if you’re doubtful about what I’m explaining here, well, all I can say is that the proof is in the pudding because I have created quite a lot of abundance, business, and world change for the better this way.

Who Is God, Really?

We have to look at what prayers really are. Most times we are asking for a “favor” from God, right? Please bring me the right spouse, the right job, a better car, good health, a better life, something. We are usually asking for a situation to be given to us that we don’t have.
First let’s look at who God is. Is it a friendly fatherly figure high in the sky who is constantly listening to our prayers and passing out wishes like a genie? Is it some big spirit somewhere in space who blesses us with our requests and oversees the world and the universe? Who is God? Where is God? What is the God phenomenon?

In my belief, (and this is just my opinion of course) God is the consciousness that is in each and every one of us, every blade of grass, every animal, every tree, every molecule, every atom, and even the empty space. This is how God can be everywhere at the same time. All of this that we see and experience is God dreaming, thinking, experiencing its creation.

So if God is omnipresent because sentience is at the core of every minute particle in existence, then there is no central figure in the middle of it all answering prayers.

how to prayHow To Pray Like A Co Creator

So how do we pray then? What is the purpose of prayer if there isn’t “someone” listening and answering them. All of us have experienced praying and our prayers seemed to be answered somehow, so it must be that someone is listening, right?

Well, yes, there IS someone listening! In fact, a LOT of “someones!”

When I pray, I feel that rather than praying to someone I am instead praying to creation and asking for cooperation with my dream or wish. I am asking whatever particles of the universe that are aligned and want to be part of what I’m asking for, would they please come and join me now?

In this way I am praying to what God really is, All-That-Is. This includes me as part of this ocean of consciousness that God is. “Please create this with me,” rather than, “Please give me something,” as if there is something separate from me that gives it to me.

I look at it more like aligning myself with the forces of creation and “asking” these forces to create something with me, together. “Let’s create this together,” is the feeling. I do whatever I need to do to line up with this energy, and then I ask the energy to come toward me.

pray like a co creatorWhen The Prayer Returns

When I feel my prayer go out into the creation, it seems that certain particles, or energies that line up with what it is that I want to create, they hear me and perk up. “Huh? Did I hear a call for something I want to be part of?” This is how it works. These are the particles of creation, the people, the situations, the things that would like to be part of this creation that I’m imagining.

Then, they turn their attention and if they are interested they start moving toward me. They want to move toward creating this thing I want to create. It’s more like a calling of all particles of creation, the raw creation material of the universe, to come and become this manifested “something” that I want to create.

It feels more like a co-operation together with other material in creation that matches the creation idea, rather than me commanding things. It is all part of myself, so it “hears” me. All of creation is connected. Rather than looking at the creation material as if it is separate, see it as an as an extension of your own self. Takes time, but then it manifests!

So don’t pray like a beggar. Pray like a co-creator, as if you are part of the creation process in the universe. This is the true perspective of the masterful Godself within you.
You are not separate from God. God is not outside of you. You are not God commanding things around. Rather you are God aligning all the creation material up with other parts it matches and already fits.

The universe is a friendly place, and if there is a part of creation that wants to create with you, it does! Don’t be doubtful anymore. This is advanced magic I’m teaching you right here, advanced manifesting that is so sorely missed in the Law of Attraction teachings. That teaching is only the tip of a very big iceberg full of universal laws and deeper magic!

Enjoy you’re newfound power to create, 007 Secret Agent of Love!


christine breese

Christine Breese

By Christine Breese, Ph.D.
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